Which Signs Of Infertility Are Most Severe?

Dr. Randy Morris

Which Signs Of Infertility Are Most Severe?

Dr. Randy Morris

The CDC has recently reported that 6.7 million American women are infertile. Infertility is defined as a woman’s inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. According to the CDC, 7.5 percent of men under the age of 45 – up to 4.7 million American men – seek medical help with their infertility. Dr. Randy S. Morris has compile a list of some of the most severe signs of infertility.

Signs of Infertility

You should not have to try to have a baby for a year before knowing if you could be infertile and in need of medical help. There may be signs you are suffering from a hidden medical condition making you infertile. Knowing the signs can save you precious time in your future family planning.Irregular PeriodAre your periods regular? Your seemingly regular menstrual cycles may actually be irregular.

  • Irregularly short periods occur within less than 24 days
  • Irregularly long periods occur within more than 35 days
  • Irregular periods come unpredictably

You may be experiencing an irregular menstrual cycle and this is one of the most severe signs of infertility. Irregular periods are indicative of a possible ovulation problem hindering your natural fertility.Extreme Menstruation Blood FlowYour fertility may be compromised if your menstruation blood flow is extremely heavy or light.

  • A normal cycle ranges from bleeding for 3 to 7 days
  • Very light bleeding is abnormal
  • Heavy and intense bleeding is abnormal
  • Blood flow changing significantly month to month with unusual heaviness and/or coloring is abnormal

Seek out the advice of a fertility specialist if you are experiencing any of these signs as they could hint that you have a medical condition effecting your fertility.Severe Menstrual CrampingYour severe menstrual cramping could be adversely impacting your fertility. Cramps are caused by prostaglandins, a natural chemical in the tissues of your uterus. Cramps caused or worsened by other diseases or abnormalities are known as secondary dysmenorrhea.Secondary dysmenorrhea is related to infertility.

  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  • Adenomyosis

Other Severe Signs of InfertilityRecurrent miscarriage is a severe sign that you are experiencing a reproductive medical problem and need a fertility specialist to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy.A history of a sexually transmitted disease (STDs) will impact your future fertility. STDs cause infertility due to the infection and inflammation damage they cause to reproductive organs. Both, chlamydia or gonorrhea cause blockage of the fallopian tubes. Blockage of the fallopian tubes makes pregnancy impossible or ectopic pregnancy possible.

Expert on Signs of Infertility

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