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Patient Resources

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  • Medical Information - Learn about infertility, recurrent miscarriage and other endocrine problems
  • Consent Forms - Review the consent forms for your upcoming treatment
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Infertility Resources

Within our Infertility Resources, you'll find valuable insights into the common causes of infertility, debunking prevalent myths and presenting evidence-based facts. Whether you're seeking guidance on potential treatments, emotional support, or simply looking to better understand this complex issue, explore our resources to navigate the journey toward parenthood.

Preconception Health

Our Preconception Health resource page is a reliable asset for you on your path to parenthood, providing guidance and insights when you need them most. Prepare yourself for the extraordinary adventure of becoming a parent with confidence and ensure the healthiest start to your pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy Risks

Our Pregnancy Risks resource page is designed to be a resource throughout this incredible journey, providing guidance, support, and reassurance when you need it most. We address common concerns such as risks related to infertility, ectopic pregnancies, and morning sickness, offering valuable information on symptoms, prevention, and management. Stay informed and prepared for any challenges that may arise.

Fertility Journey Partners

Our Fertility Journey Partners resource page is here to connect you with other fertility resources that offer insights, tips, and support that can help you feel confident. Explore the different perspectives, recommendations, and services from other individuals in the fertility industry.

Infertility Diagnostic Testing

When facing the complexities of infertility, knowledge is your most valuable asset. Discover insights and expert guidance tailored to clarify the different types of diagnostic tests. From fertility evaluation options to the significance of each test, our resources are your trusted allies in making informed choices about your family's future.

Treatment Resources

The Treatment Resources page is here to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions. Discover the latest advancements, find support in understanding genetic factors, and gain confidence in the world of IVF. Your journey to parenthood can be daunting, but with the right information and resources, it becomes a road paved with possibilities

Mandates & Regulation Resources

Our Mandates & Regulations resource page is intended to provide you with knowledge and a deep understanding of critical matters like Illinois surrogacy law, preservation law, and insurance mandate. Stay informed, ensure compliance, and navigate the regulatory landscape confidently, no matter where you are on your fertility journey.

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Patient Testimonials

He is a very professional and good doctor. the whole clinic is very nice. all the staff are amazing. The doctor operated on me for endometriosis and I got pregnant during the second IVF. we have a wonderful 1 year old son. thank you doctor we still have an embryo, I think I will definitely come back to you in a year or two.

Ziva Ru

Dr. Morris is by far the best fertility doctor! When I transferred to IVF1 from my previous fertility doctor, he read all my medical records in depth. Never once did I feel stressed or unsure of what was happening. The entire staff there is so nice and make you feel so comfortable. It was so easy to schedule appointments, get medications, or ask a nurse a question. My calls were always returned within 20 minutes. I highly recommend IVF1! Dr. Morris made it possible for us to get pregnant!


I don't even know where to start...THANK YOU! Thank you for giving us our son. We went through a year of IVF. Although there may have been things I didn't want to hear (chances of pregnancy, factors out of our control, etc.) it was important to hear the truth and know what our chances were. The staff was always great with us and they were very patient. They really have everything figured out and what the best options out for outcomes. I never felt pressured to make certain decisions and always felt well informed. Again, I can't thank Dr. Morris and all his staff for everything!!!

Lauren Throm

I’m so grateful to have been referred to Dr. Morris and his team! I’ve spent the last month or so working with the team and they’ve made what is naturally a hard process both mentally and physically as comforting and easy as possible. Dr. Morris’s success rates speak for themselves, but what I want to let everyone know is that he is equally comforting. A special thank you to Jocelyne, Pam and Barbie, these three women on his staff from front desks to RNs really have made the experience an extremely positive one. PS. My cousin who referred me to Dr. Morris has a smart, healthy and beautiful baby boy who he helped bring into this world!

Alex Villa

The staff is amazing here. I’m in the middle of IVF and had an issue with a medication and they went above and beyond to make sure everything was done to continue our journey (on the weekend no less); truly above and beyond. The staff are very caring and professional. Definitely recommend Dr. Morris and this amazing practice.

Megan Buetikofer

Amazing staff. They made us feel like family. They cried when I called to tell them the birth of our daughter. Starting round two next month. Simply the best. They care!

BT Warner

I honestly can’t praise this company enough. Dr. Randy Morris bedside manner is absolutely amazing, his staff professionalism and customer service is also amazing. Your experience with this company will be nothing but perfect. From the initial call to the receptionist. To speaking with the nursing staff, billing, etc. everyone wants to help you with family planning. No matter what my outcome is, I know I’m with a co that will make sure I have the best chances. Thank you to Dr Randy Morris and Staff a bunch!

Misty Johnson

Thanks to Dr.Morris I am holding today my little dream girl. I don't have enough words to express how thankful I am to him and everyone working in IVF1 Naperville. Highly recomend Dr.Morris and his clinic to everyone looking for real professional help and attitude!

Petya Vasilev

Dr. Morris and staff were very friendly. Dr. Morris was very informative and patient with answering all questions I had. We were uncertain on the options and next steps to take and Dr. Morris explained all the details and options we have. Excellent staff and a great doc.

Jenita Crawford
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