The Best Fertility Center for Frozen Embryo Transfers

Dr. Randy Morris

The Best Fertility Center for Frozen Embryo Transfers

Dr. Randy Morris

You have undergone IVF and a number of viable embryos have been produced. Maybe you had a successful pregnancy and have embryos left over. Or it may be that you did not get pregnant and need to take a break from infertility treatment.

Now you want to preserve the hope of building a family through Embryo Cryopreservation. Your frozen embryos will help you have a baby in the future.

After IVF

Your embryos can be preserved and used in future frozen embryo transfer (FET) procedures. When the time is right for you – you can conceive a baby through frozen embryo transfer.

Embryo freezing technology – medically termed embryo cryopreservation – is helping today’s infertile couples conceive healthy babies.

  • After fertilization, the embryos are frozen for preservation within one to six days.
  • Before freezing, the embryos are mixed with a solution that prevents crystallization within the developed cells, securing preservation.
  • The embryos are then placed in plastic vials and are secured in liquid nitrogen freezers.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

A couple can decide to try to conceive a baby with the frozen embryos at any time in the future – even years later. When a couple decides to try to conceive a baby, the frozen embryo transfer (FET) process takes place.

FET is the process of:

  • Thawing the frozen embryos
  • Bathing them in a solution to remove the anti-crystallization solution
  • Transferring one or more of the embryos into a woman’s uterus or into a surrogate’s uterus

IVF1 is the Best Fertility Center for Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET)

Dr. Randy Morris – founder and medical director of IVF1 at Naperville IVF and Infertility – specializes in embryo cryopreservation and frozen embryo transfers.

Find out how FET at IVF1 can help you preserve your dream of building a family and preserve your future fertility.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Randy Morris and learn more about how FET can help you plan your family. To find out more about fertility preservation, click below to schedule a consultation or call 630.357.6540.