Should I Use Frozen or Fresh Embryos?

Dr. Randy Morris

Should I Use Frozen or Fresh Embryos?

Dr. Randy Morris

Several medical studies have compared the rate of pregnancy between fresh and frozen embryos. After a woman’s eggs have been retrieved and fertilized in vitro, several quality embryos will likely develop. Only one or two fresh embryos will be transferred into her uterus. The leftover quality embryos will be cryopreserved via vitrification for future transfers.

Frozen Embryos Transfer

This process is known as Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). FETs have been found to be more similar to natural conception pregnancies than are fresh embryo transfer. This is because the FET procedure occurs after the woman’s hormone levels have had time to return to normal. Versus – the transfer of a fresh embryo after the woman’s body has undergone a regimen of fertility medications.How FET pregnancies are more comparable to natural conception.

  • Increased implantation rates
  • Increased ongoing pregnancy rates
  • Increased live birth rates
  • Decreased miscarriage rates
  • Lowered risk of pre-term labor
  • Healthier babies

It is very common to grow several embryos in vitro after a fresh In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle has been completed. The fertility specialists at IVF1 have the capability to freeze embryos and store them for many years.

Benefits of Frozen Embryos

After undergoing a fresh embryo transfer via IVF, additional leftover embryos developed in vitro can be cryopreserved for future transfers. The FET procedure can be utilized at a decided time in the future.Having extra embryos is common in IVF. A fresh egg retrieval IVF cycle is expensive and very hard on a woman’s body. A FET cycle is much easier and less expensive than undergoing a second or third fresh IVF cycle. There is really no downside to freezing embryos when a couple is trying to build their family by undergoing IVF.

  • If the fresh transfer results in a successful pregnancy, the leftover frozen embryos can be used to conceive siblings in the future
  • Should the fresh transfer fail to achieve a pregnancy, the leftover frozen embryos can be used for multiple attempts in the future
  • Leftover frozen embryos can be safely transported to any destination in the world for transfer into the woman’s uterus
  • Leftover embryos can be donated to infertile couples – embryo donation

Fresh and Frozen Embryo Fertility Specialist

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