Is Egg Retrieval for Fertility Treatment Expensive?

Dr. Randy Morris

Is Egg Retrieval for Fertility Treatment Expensive?

Dr. Randy Morris

Innovative technology has given today’s educated career woman the choice of freezing her unfertilized eggs in order to plan a future family. Cryofertility is the reward of new and exciting developments in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

In today’s corporate America, resourceful and talented women are planning to postpone pregnancy during their prime childbearing years because they want to:

  • Pursue the furtherance of their education and careers, or
  • Find a suitable partner to start a family.

Corporate America’s Trend Toward Egg Retrieval

Last year, Facebook and Apple announced a new monetary benefit (up to $20,000) afforded to employees who desire to retrieve and freeze their eggs in order to delay starting a family.

  • This monetary benefit is applied toward the employee’s egg freezing procedure.
  • This is a revolutionary HR strategy being used by employers to delay the loss of talented females who are in their prime reproductive years.

Age Limits on Egg Retrieval

There are age limits on when a woman can use ART to retrieve and freeze her eggs.

  • A woman’s ovaries produces high quality eggs between the ages of 18 to 28 – these are a woman’s prime reproductive years.
  • A woman’s ovaries continue to produce acceptable quality eggs to achieve a healthy pregnancy between the ages of 29 and 38 – these are a woman’s mid-reproductive years.
  • After the age of 39, a woman’s ovaries will produce eggs that are of a poor quality.

Beyond the Prime Reproductive Years

Between the age of 39 and 44, a woman’s:

  • Egg quality diminishes precipitously.
  • The likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities resulting from a poor quality of egg rises.
  • The risk of miscarriage rises with a poor quality egg caused by age.
  • The probability of birth defects or disorders increases due to a poor quality egg.
  • The difficulty in conceiving is evident from poor egg quality.

Wide Window for Pregnancy

The good news:

  • A woman’s uterus can achieve a successful pregnancy into her 40s and 50s.
  • Many woman today are seeking to extend their childbearing years by freezing their eggs in order to preserve their younger, higher quality eggs.

Egg Freezing Goals and Process

Egg freezing is an option available to those hopeful parents:

  • Wanting to ensure that they have the ability to be biologically connected to their children in the future, and
  • Postponing pregnancy during a woman’s prime childbearing years.

Egg retrieval – as a new and innovative method of fertility treatment – is not expensive when weighing the procedure’s advantages toward future family planning according to Dr. Randy Morris. Contact IVF1 for more info about Egg Freezing and start planning your family today. Click below to schedule a consultation or call 630.357.6540.