Infertility Financing vs. Paying All Costs Upfront

Dr. Randy Morris

Infertility Financing vs. Paying All Costs Upfront

Dr. Randy Morris

Infertility Insurance (Financing)

As you begin your journey to overcome infertility and finally have the baby you’ve been dreaming about, you must be prepared to thoroughly understand the financial challenges you are about to face. Randy S. Morris M.D. – founder and medical director of IVF1 – has specialized in IVF reproductive medicine throughout the Chicago area for over two decades. Dr. Morris understands the financial stress his patients face when contemplating the expense of infertility treatment.

Affordable Infertility Treatment Provider

Dr. Randy Morris has revolutionized the affordability of his infertility treatment medical services by opening IVF1’s state-of-the-art facility at the Naperville Fertility Center less than two years ago. IVF1’s brand new facility features a high tech laboratory and outpatient surgical center in one, all-encompassing location. As a freestanding facility, IVF1 is able to reduce the high overhead costs typically passed on to patients by larger hospital programs.

Infertility Insurance Coverage and Processing

The expert staff at IVF1 has decades of experience helping patients determine the extent of their health insurance policy’s coverage for infertility testing and treatments, including IVF.

  • The insurance experts at IVF1 make infertility insurance coverage and processing easy.
  • IVF1 is renowned for discovering infertility insurance coverage previously overlooked by other treatment centers.
  • IVF1 regularly and successfully helps patients receive the full coverage they are afforded under their policies by filing claim denial appeals to insurance companies who have wrongly denied benefits.

Infertility Financing and Processing

Because not all healthcare insurance policies cover expensive infertility treatment – or substantially limit coverage – IVF1 has expert financial assistance staff on hand to help patients obtain financing and/or otherwise budget their costs and expenses.

  • The financial experts at IVF1 fully inform patients about the cost of their infertility treatment so they can make appropriate loan and budgeting decisions.
  • IVF1 provides patients with financial counseling, referrals to financial lending programs, and affordable payment plans to those patients who do not have insurance coverage for infertility treatment.
  • The cost of infertility treatments at IVF1 are made affordable in order to reduce your financial stress and increase your chances of becoming a parent.
  • IVF1 infertility treatment plans are focused on providing each patient with the greatest chance of achieving pregnancy.
  • IVF1 accepts healthcare financing through Prosper Healthcare Lending to help each patient spread the cost of treatment payments over the long-term at the lowest possible monthly payments
  • IVF1’s staff is well-versed in insurance coverage, processing, payment, and reimbursement protocol.
  • IVF1 accepts cash, personal checks, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover.

Affordable Infertility Financing

Discover how you can affordably finance your infertility treatment expenses in lieu of paying costs upfront. Click below to schedule a consultation or call 630.357.6540.