Illinois's Top Fertility Center for Egg Freezing

Dr. Randy Morris

Illinois's Top Fertility Center for Egg Freezing

Dr. Randy Morris

Fertility Center Of Illinois

You are a Millennial Woman. You have accomplishments to be attained before building a family. Will you will find your soul mate tomorrow . . .? . . . or in the next decade? Be proactive. Don’t let your naturally beautiful egg supply go to waste. Dr. Randy Morris - founder and medical director of premier fertility center IVF1 – wants you to know what family planning options you have today.

Fertility Center of Illinois – IVF1

You don’t have to sacrifice your child bearing years in lieu of an education, successful career, or having to find the right partner. Egg freezing technology is here and now. You must know how easy it is by searching IVF1 Egg Freezing. When many women age, their eggs may no longer be viable for a successful and healthy pregnancy. In retrospect, no longer is a donor the only option available. Because of aforethought – egg freezing is here and now.For tomorrow’s family planning . . . egg – oocyte cryopreservation – is available to women today. – Dr. Randy Morris

Top Fertility Center for Egg Freezing

Based upon a recent study, Dr. Morris has concluded that eggs retrieved and frozen before fertilization have a survival rate of over 80 percent. And, the pregnancy success rate per embryo (fertilized egg) is on par with that of frozen embryo transfers.

Bottom line:

As an empowered Millennial Woman, you can freeze you eggs today and have peace of mind tomorrow.

Take the time necessary to select the right partner for building your family. Don’t be rushed due to your biological clock. Freeze your beautiful and healthy eggs today. Let IVF1 – Illinois’s Top Fertility Center – guide you through this new millennium’s family planning benefits.

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