Are There Unique Artificial Insemination Programs for Lesbian Couples?

Dr. Randy Morris

Are There Unique Artificial Insemination Programs for Lesbian Couples?

Dr. Randy Morris

Yes! The professionals at IVF1 offer an indiscriminate and unique artificial insemination program to lesbian couples. For any couple striving to have a baby, the only requirement at IVF1 is that you want to bring a new life into this world and become nurturing parents. At IVF1, all patients are accepted for artificial insemination treatment regardless of their sexual orientation.

Artificial Insemination For Lesbian Couples

The simplest way for a lesbian couple to conceive is by using donor sperm – known or unknown – via artificial insemination. Artificial insemination is also referred to as IUI – intrauterine insemination.

Artificial Insemination Procedure

Artificial insemination is a procedure by which Dr. Randy Morris will place a highly concentrated amount of sperm into a woman’s uterus after she has undergone a regimen of fertility medications to stimulate her egg production. The actual insemination procedure conducted is similar to that of a Pap smear – requiring no anesthesia – although the woman may experience mild cramping.

Preparing for Artificial Insemination

The patient undergoes the administration of fertility medications to stimulate her egg production before being inseminated with a highly concentrated amount of active and motile sperm. The preparation regimen for artificial insemination:

  • Fertility drugs are typically administered orally – Clomid – however, oral dosages can be used in combination with a low dose of Gonadotropin (FSH/LH) injections.
  • Frequent monitoring of the patient’s hormones are performed through blood testing.
  • Regular pelvic ultrasounds are conducted by which the doctor will view and determine the growth stages of the egg follicles.
  • When Dr. Morris determines that the patient’s eggs are at the optimum growth stage, a one-time injectable medication (hCG) is administered to induce ovulation and release of the eggs for fertilization. The ovulation “trigger” medication.
  • 36 hours after the hCG injection is administered, the artificial insemination of sperm is performed by the doctor.
  • Morris will then artificially inseminate the patient by placing a highly concentrated amount of active – motile – sperm directly into the woman’s uterus via a catheter injection.
  • Artificial insemination for lesbian couples can be conveniently performed at either of IVF1’s Naperville or Plainfield IVF and Infertility Office Locations and the patient is able to return to her normal activities after the procedure.

Indiscriminate Artificial Insemination for Lesbian Couples

IVF1 has a uniquely specialized artificial insemination program for lesbian couples wanting to build a family of their own. If you and your lesbian partner are looking for an indiscriminate fertility specialist to help you have a baby, schedule a consultation with Dr. Randy Morris – a doctor who is sensitive to the needs of lesbian couples wanting to become parents.

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