4 Reasons To Consider Freezing Your Eggs in Chicago

Dr. Randy Morris

4 Reasons To Consider Freezing Your Eggs in Chicago

Dr. Randy Morris

A woman's most fertile years do not necessarily match up with when she is ready to get pregnant and start a family. Therefore, many women turn to egg freezing to preserve their future fertility. It is best to freeze your eggs before the age of 36, because egg count and quality declines rapidly after that point.

Below, we will take a look at some reasons to consider Chicago egg freezing.

Reason 1: You want to focus on your career

Concerns about career are one of the most common reasons to choose egg freezing. Many women prefer to spend their 20s and early 30s building a strong career, then start their families in their late 30s or early 40s. Egg freezing helps ensure that it will be possible to have kids when the time comes.

Reason 2: You aren't in a committed relationship

Similarly, a woman's personal life doesn't always match up with her fertility - many women are not yet married or in a committed relationship when they are most fertile. Freezing your eggs can take the pressure off of the "biological clock," allowing you to wait to commit until you are ready with the assurance that you have some eggs frozen.

Reason 3: You are about to be deployed to a combat zone

Soldiers in active duty overseas may be injured in the line of duty, including pelvic injuries that could cause infertility. For this reason, it is recommended that soldiers freeze their eggs or sperm before being deployed to active duty. IVF1 offers a SoldierCryo program to make this affordable for Naperville's soldiers.

Reason 4: You're about to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment

Chemotherapy and abdominal radiation have the potential to cause infertility and early menopause, and the majority of young women who are treated for cancer do not go on to have a live birth. Freezing your eggs can give you the option of going through IVF later on if you are rendered infertile by the treatment. If it is extremely urgent for you to begin chemotherapy, the doctor can retrieve immature eggs for in-vitro maturation (IVM) instead of going through a full cycle to retrieve the eggs.

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