3 Things to Ask Your Chicago IVF Specialist

Dr. Randy Morris

3 Things to Ask Your Chicago IVF Specialist

Dr. Randy Morris

After you have scheduled a consultation with Chicago IVF Specialist – Dr. Randy Morris – you should begin preparing questions to ask during your appointment. To gain the most from your consultation, make sure to arrange for copies of your medical records – including fertility diagnostic tests and/or fertility treatment procedures you have undergone in the past – to your Chicago IVF Specialist.

Chicago IVF Specialist

If you have been tracking the dates of your menstrual cycles and/or basal body temperature over the months, please remember to send copies of these logs to your Chicago IVF Specialist before your consultation. Sending records to Dr. Morris before your scheduled consultation will give him the opportunity to review and analyze them, thereby saving everyone precious time during the consultation.This head start will, in turn, give you more time for questions during your invaluable consultation time!

What to Ask Your Chicago IVF Specialist

Question 1: Please explain my infertility diagnosis in lay terms.

  • What is my infertility diagnosis?
  • If my infertility diagnosis is uncertain, what test(s) do you recommend?
  • What are my risks for undergoing additional testing?
  • Does my partner need additional fertility testing?
  • How does my condition specifically interfere with my fertility?
  • Will my condition worsen over time?

Questions 2: What treatment would you recommend that is the most cost-effective and cost-efficient IVF procedure for my particular circumstances?

  • Does the IVF treatment involve medication?
  • If so, what are your dosage recommendations?
  • How many eggs can I estimate will be retrieved for fertilization in vitro?
  • How many embryos are likely to be of high quality for transfer?

Question 3: In your expert opinion, what are my chances of giving birth to a healthy baby through IVF?

  • What are your success rates for pregnancy vs. live birth rates given my diagnosis and circumstances?

Remember, no IVF specialist can legitimately give you an exact answer/promise about your chances of success. Expect an estimation only based upon his professional experience with other patients similar to your situation. If you receive a 100 percent guarantee for a healthy, successful birth, you definitely want to move on to another IVF specialist. A reputable IVF specialist will give you his expert opinion based upon:

  • Your age and medical history
  • Your partner’s age and medical history

Your IVF Specialist’s expertise and practical experience will allow him to roughly estimate your chances of a successful, healthy pregnancy and live birth of a baby.

  • Below Average
  • Average
  • Above Average

Ask Chicago's IVF Specialist – Dr. Randy Morris

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