4 Traits To Look For When Choosing An Egg Donor

You can have a baby. Don’t lose hope. There is a perfect egg donor willing to come to your assist. The donor-recipient matching experts at IVF1 Match will guide you in choosing the right egg donor to help you start your family. Dr. Randy S. Morris, founder and medical director of the celebrated IVF1 Match egg donation program has compiled four primary traits you should consider when choosing an egg donor.

Preferential Egg Donor Traits

  1. Between the ages of 21 and 30 and be in good physical health – documented by medical and social history as well as testing.
  2. In good psychological health – documented by medical and social history as well as testing.
  3. Maintains a height/weight proportionality – no history of being overweight or underweight.
  4. Maintains a lifestyle being free of illegal drugs, tobacco, and marijuana.

IVF1 Match’s Marquee Egg Donor Program

Studies have shown that using quality donor eggs in conjunction with IVF is less expensive and more successful than are multiple failed IVF cycles using the intended mother’s own eggs. According to Dr. Morris, using donor eggs in conjunction with IVF has quadrupled the number of first time mothers over 40 in the past 30 years.

Today, previously diagnosed hopelessly infertile women have realized the opportunity of conceiving and carrying a baby to full-term.

For the foreseeable future, IVF using donor eggs will continue to play an integral role in treating women who have been previously diagnosed as hopelessly infertility. – Dr. Randy S. Morris, Founder and Medical Director of IVF1

The IVF1 Match egg donation program has been instrumental in helping 100s of women – previously diagnosed as hopelessly infertile – conceive the baby of their dreams. IVF1 Match maintains a large database of preferential egg donors. This remarkable service helps potential donors and recipient parents discover one another. It is the only egg donation service allowing potential donors and recipient parents communicate with one another anonymously.

Experts on Choosing an Egg Donor

Dr. Morris’ bottom line on choosing an egg donor: Health. Focus on your potential egg donor’s overall health and quality of life. The most important trait recipient parents care about today is the baby’s health – over physical looks. According to a Mt. Sinai School of Medicine study conducted between 2008 and 2012, health is the crucial factor in choosing an egg donor. The study – Beauty, Brains, or Health – found that women today are discounting an egg donor’s hair and eye color.

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