Progesterone vaginal suppositories

Progesterone suppositories are relatively simple to use. Progesterone suppositories are compounded by the pharmacist and consist of natural progesterone suspended in a base similar to cocoa butter.

The suppositories will feel soft and "squishy" to the touch. Usually they are oblong or bullet shaped. Someitmes the suppositories will come with an applicator but an applicator is not necessary to use them.

The suppositories are intended to be used vaginally. First, the suppository must be removed form the wrapping or covering material. The suppository is then fitted onto the end of the applicator into the "cup". The applicator is inserted into the vagina. Once resistance is felt, stop advancing the applicator.

Press the plunger on the end of the applicator to release the suppository and then remove the applicator.

Alternatively, the suppository can be grasped between the fingers and inserted without an applicator.