Is The IUI Procedure Costs Included in IVF?

The cost of an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) procedure is NOT included in the expense of an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. The two treatments are separate and apart. IUI is typically a first recommended treatment for unexplained infertility. IVF is recommended after several IUI attempts have failed – or – when a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked.

IUI Procedure

At IVF1, the cost of IUI treatment using Clomid to stimulate egg follicle production ranges between $300 and $400.

The IUI procedure begins with a cyclical regimen of fertility medication (either Clomid or Femara) to stimulate the growth of multiple egg follicles. Then, ovulation is induced using hCG. Progesterone is also administered to prepare the woman’s uterine lining for successful implantation of the fertilized egg.

IUI substantially increases a woman’s chance of getting pregnant because a highly concentrated amount of morphologically normal, mobile, and active sperm are inserted directly into the woman’s uterus at the time of ovulation. IUI is performed using a catheter and is similar to a Pap smear procedure. All IUI procedures are performed within the comfort and warmth of IVF1’s patient rooms in the brand new Naperville Fertility Center.

IUI Insurance Coverage Experts

IVF1 accepts numerous insurance plans and provides patients with insurance counseling and claims processing assistance.

  • IVF1’s expert insurance staff help patients receive the full amount of coverage afforded under their individual policy for IUI costs
  • IVF1’s staff is well-versed in insurance coverage, processing, payment, and reimbursement protocol

IUI Procedure Specialist

IVF1’s state-of-the-art, free-standing, private infertility treatment center, is the new home of leading Illinois fertility specialist, Dr. Randy S. Morris. As a private, independent fertility treatment center, IVF1 passes on the benefit of low overhead expenses to all patients.

Discover more about Dr. Randy Morris in the news and his outstanding contributions to making fertility treatment affordable. For over 20 years in the Chicagoland area, Dr. Randy S. Morris has provided cost-effective and successful IUI treatment.

Guide To Fertility Treatment

Click the icon below to download a recently published eBook by Dr. Randy Morris – Guide to Fertility Treatment – and discover your fertility treatment options. Long distance patients can consult with Dr. Morris via a secured Online Video Consultation. Call IVF1 today for a consultation with Dr. Morris at 630.357.6540.

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