Infertility Video Consultation

IVF1 treats patients from around the world. Previously, long distance consultations were done by phone. Now many of the advantages of an in office consultation can be achieved with secure, online video consultations.

Who can video consult?

Any of our patients can have a consultation by video chat. Video can be used for your initial consultation or a return consult.

Infertility video consult

Does insurance cover an infertility video consultation?

Yes. Since the advent of the Covid-19 Pandemic, most (if not all) insurance companies are now covering the cost of telemedicine consultations.

Which video service does IVF1 utilize?

Currently, IVF1 uses a service offered by Google called Hangouts Meet. The service is free for you to use.

Is it going to be complicated for me to use?

Not at all! All you need is an E-Mail address and a computer with a video camera.

First, you will receive an E-Mail notification from Dr. Morris that a video consult has been scheduled. If you don’t receive the E-Mail, please check your spam folder.

Video consult invite

When you open the E-Mail, you will be able to see more details about the consultation:

Video consult details

When it is time for your consultation, open the E-Mail and click the link that begins with… If you have a G-Mail address, you will see something like this in your browser:

Ready to Join Video consult

If you don’t have a G-Mail address, you will see something like this instead:

Non Gmail Join consult

You will need to enter your name and click the “Ask to join” button. You will be given access to join from our side.

Will IVF1 provide technical assistance?

No. You are responsible for establishing and maintaining your computer, internet access, E-Mail account, and webcam. Its a good idea to go through the steps ahead of time so you can make sure everything is working before your consult.

Can I use another video service such as Skype or Apple FaceTime?

No. All consultations are performed using Hangouts Meet.