Infertility Video Consultation

IVF1 treats patients from around the world. Previously, long distance consultations were done by phone. Now many of the advantages of an in office consultation can be achieved with secure, online video consultations.

Who can video consult?

Any of our patients can have a consultation by video chat though it is mainly intended for patients who live far away from our offices. Video can be used fo your initial consultation or a return consult.
Infertility video consult

Does insurance cover an infertility video consultation?

No. Insurance companies will typically not cover consultations done by phone or through video. When setting up an appointment, if you request a video consultation, an IVF1 staff member will advise you of the consultation fee. Payment is by credit card at the time of service.

Which video chat services does IVF1 utilize?

Currently, IVF1 uses the free service offered by Google called Google+ Hangouts . If you don’t already have have this service, its pretty easy to install.

How do I install get Hangouts?

First, you will need to sing up for Google+. Don’t worry. Its free!
Follow the instructions to make a video call.
That’s it, you are ready to have a video consultation. Make sure you are logged in to your Google account at your consultation appointment time. When you hear the “ring”, click the green button that says “answer”. Now you are online with the doctor!

Will IVF1 provide technical assistance if I am having trouble installing video chat?

No. You are responsible for establishing and maintaining your computer, internet access, Google+ account, webcam and video chat service.

Can I use another video chat service such as Skype or Apple FaceTime?

We can also do Skype consults. FaceTime is not yet an option.