How To Decide If You Want To Use An Egg Donor

Your doctor has probably informed you that your best chances of becoming pregnant are by using donor eggs in lieu of your own eggs. You eggs have been determined to be of a low quality, making pregnancy unlikely. When you discover an egg donation program focused on helping recipients and egg donors find one another, you can then decide to use donor eggs in lieu of your own at your upcoming IVF procedure.

Egg Donor in Conjunction with IVF

After being advised of their option to use an egg donor in conjunction with IVF, a couple will go through the cycle of grief.

  • Shock
  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Testing
  • Finally, acceptance

Those considering using an egg donor will undergo this same cycle of grief during the egg decision-making process. The cycle will typically again arise after proceeding with the egg donor selection process.

Acceptance of Using an Egg Donor

When journeying toward acceptance of using an egg donor, a woman is forced to reevaluate her idea of mothering and building a family. Basically, she is saying goodbye to her own biological traits.

  • Take a close look at your inner-self
  • Evaluate your qualities
  • Review your dislikes about yourself
  • Decide what traits you want passed on to your child – and what you don’t
  • Define what you believe a nurturing mother to represent

Celebrated IVF1 Match Egg Donor Program

IVF1 Match maintains a large database of potential egg donors at the ready to help you have the baby of your dreams. Peruse IVF1 Match and place your mind at ease about the entire egg donation process. IVF1 Match is the only egg donation service offering anonymous communication between potential egg donors and recipient parents.

Egg Donor Match Coordinator

All screening and matching facilitation will be made by IVF1 Match’s egg donor match coordinator. The coordinator’s duties entail ensuring that recipient parents review and understand the in-depth profile of any prospective donor. The coordinator will also make every good faith attempt to incorporate any special request recipients may have. An added talent of IVF1 Match’s coordinator is an in-depth knowledge of every donor profile.

Best Egg Donor Profiles

Since the creation of IVF1 Match, Dr. Randy Morris and his staff have devoted their talents and skills to matching recipients and donors. It is their passion and mission to spearhead the best egg donor profiles in Illinois. Steadfast your confidence in choosing an egg donor and discover how IVF1’s Egg Donor Program will guide you through the IVF procedure using donor eggs.

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