Tips For Choosing The Perfect Egg Donor

Today’s egg donation recipients are no longer concerned about social stigma surrounding the donation process. The modern trend today makes the practice widely acceptable socially. Because today’s parents to be are more focused upon the practical traits that will serve to benefit their child’s overall quality of life, it has become a common trend to choose a healthy egg donor profile that is also intelligent and talented.

Perfect Egg Donor Selection

Studies have shown that using quality donor eggs in conjunction with IVF is less expensive and more successful than repeated and failed IVF cycles using the intended mother’s own eggs.

Five priority factors to consider when choosing the perfect egg donor.

  • Always research potential egg donors with your partner. Selecting your ultimate egg donor – both subjectively and objectively – will be gleaned from the discussion you have together during the process.
  • Begin with a broad spectrum of characteristics and review every egg donor available within the egg donation program provided by your practitioner. It is very common for intended parents to begin with a selected list of preferred characteristics only to pick a donor that is completely different because there was a quality about the egg donor that reached out to them.
  • Always research all information that is available about the potential egg donor’s entire family. Physical characteristics often skip generations, for example: the trait for height that is passed on to your child may be present in the egg donor’s father or brother.
  • The baby’s physical health – not physical beauty – of the egg donor is rapidly becoming the most important factor today’s egg donation recipients focus upon. A recent five year study has shown that the percentage of recipients who listed intelligence as a top priority increased from 18 to 55 percent; and those who were seeking athletic ability as a priority in the egg donor selection process increased from 1 to 17 percent.
  • It is not necessary for you to be exacting when picking the characteristic traits of your future child – he or she will ultimately be a distinctive version of you and your egg donor.

Renowned Egg Donor Program in Chicago

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