Is There Really a Best Time for Embryo Freezing?

Yes. The best time for embryo freezing is always after a fresh In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle has produced more quality embryos than can be safely transferred to the mother’s uterus. Typically only one or two quality embryos are transferred in any given fresh IVF cycle to avoid a multiple pregnancy. Patients have the option of avoiding undergoing repeated fresh IVF cycles by cryopreserving their remaining quality embryos for future Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) procedures.

Embryo Freezing Benefits

Should the fresh IVF cycle fail, cryopreservation of quality embryos eliminates the:

  • Physical toll of another fresh IVF cycle
  • Financial cost of a subsequent fresh IVF cycle

In the event the fresh IVF cycle results in a successful pregnancy and birth, patients can use their frozen embryos to grow their family at the time of their choosing in the future. Future FETs are less costly and less invasive than are fresh IVF cycles.

Embryo Freezing After a Fresh IVF Cycle

The IVF procedure consists of 5 main steps:

  • Stimulate the growth and development of multiple eggs using fertility drugs
  • Removal of the eggs
  • Fertilization of the eggs in vitro
  • Embryo culture in vitro
  • Transfer of the fresh embryo(s) into the uterus
  • Cryopreservation of quality embryos for FETs

FET Success Rates Are Comparable to Fresh Embryo Transfers

Dr. Randy S. Morris – founder and Medical Director of the acclaimed IVF1 fertility center – practices the method of freezing embryos rapidly – vitrification. Vitrification prevents ice crystals from forming between the embryo cells, which can cause damage and reduce the quality of the embryo when thawed for an FET. Dr. Morris’s standard practice of care is to only cryopreserve quality embryos.

Dr. Morris has achieved remarkable pregnancy success rates using the FET procedure. Several recent studies comparing the success of fresh embryo transfers with FETs have shown no difference in pregnancy rates.

Preeminent Fresh IVF Cycle and FET Treatment Provider

For over 20 years, Dr. Randy S. Morris has provided couples with successful IVF and embryo cryopreservation treatment. All procedures are performed within the comfort and warmth of IVF1’s the brand new facility at the Naperville Fertility Center.

Guide To Fertility Treatment

Click the icon below to download a recently published eBook by Dr. Randy Morris – Guide to Fertility Treatment – and discover your fertility treatment options. Long distance patients can consult with Dr. Morris via a secured Online Video Consultation. Call IVF1 today for a consultation with Dr. Morris at 630.357.6540.

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