Who is the Best Reviewed Illinois Fertility Doctor

If you are trying to conceive but have not been successful, or if you have a history of reproductive problems, a fertility doctor can help diagnose the cause of your infertility and recommend an appropriate course of treatment. Below, we will take a look at how and where you can find the top Illinois fertility doctor.

Choosing a Fertility Doctor

There are many things to consider when choosing an Illinois fertility doctor. Some of the key factors to keep in mind include:

  • Success rates – Look at the clinic’s fertility success rates. The success rates should be at least at, or preferably higher than, the national average. Each case is unique, but going to a clinic with a higher success rate gives you the best chances of getting pregnant.
  • Reviews from past patients – What do past clients have to say about their experiences with the doctor? When reading reviews from past clients, focus on the general trends that keep coming up, rather than the details of any specific review, for a more comprehensive picture.
  • Procedures and protocols offered – Certain procedures and protocols are associated with better success rates, but not all clinics have adopted the most evidence-based practices.
  • Experience in the field – A doctor with more experience in the field is most likely to be able to provide the high-quality representation you need.
  • Bedside manner – Being treated for infertility requires you to discuss intimate matters and get treatment that can feel extremely persona. Therefore, the doctor’s bedside manner is key to how you will experience the entire treatment process.

Top Illinois Fertility Doctor

Dr. Randy Morris, Medical Director of IVF1, is the top fertility doctor in Illinois. Dr. Morris has treated thousands of patients over the course of his decades in the field. Throughout this time, he has continued to adopt the newest, most effective methods, such as using low-dose hCG for helping stimulate the ovaries during IVF, or using a fast freezing method for egg and embryo freezing. Thanks to this, IVF1 boasts high success rates. Dr. Morris’s clients appreciate his good bedside manner and individualized approach to each case.

Meeting with a fertility doctor is the first step to getting treatment for your infertility. Dr. Randy Morris would be happy to meet with you about your fertility. To schedule your consultation today, please click below and enter your information or call Advanced Fertility Services at (630) 357-6540.

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