Where is the Best IVF Center in Chicago, IL

If you are struggling with infertility, visiting a skilled fertility doctor can ensure that you get high-quality treatment with the best chances of success. Below, we will take a look at how and where you can find the best center for Chicago IVF.

When to Visit a Fertility Doctor

Many healthy couples try for several months before getting pregnant, so it is recommended that couples try to conceive before visiting a fertility specialist. If you are under the age of 36, you should try to conceive for a year before seeking help. If you are over the age of 36, you should visit a doctor after trying for 6 months. You might also visit a doctor sooner if you have a known history of reproductive problems that could increase your chances of infertility.

Choosing an IVF Center

There are many issues to consider when choosing a doctor for Chicago IVF. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

  • Board certification – The physician should be board-certified in reproductive endocrinology. Reproductive endocrinologists are OB-GYNs with further specialization in the treatment of male and female reproductive problems and endocrine problems. They can provide IVF and other assistive reproductive technologies. Fewer than 400 physicians have been board-certified in reproductive endocrinology to date.
  • Experience – A doctor who has more experience in the field is more likely to be able to provide treatment with excellent clinical skill and judgment. Look for a doctor who has been in the field for at least a few years.
  • Success rates – IVF centers publish their success rates for various patient demographics. Look for a clinic whose IVF success rates are at or above the national average.
  • Procedures offered – Research and clinical experience are continually revealing new procedures and refinements of traditional procedures. For example, fast embryo and egg freezing are associated with better outcomes. Look for a doctor who offers the newest, most evidence-based procedures.

Best Chicago IVF Center

Dr. Randy Morris, head of IVF1, is the best fertility doctor in the Chicago metroploitan area. Dr. Morris is a reproductive endocrinologist who has decades of experience in the field. Dr. Morris has continually adopted newer, more effective fertility procedures, and IVF1 has the high success rates to reflect it.

Dr. Randy Morris would be happy to meet with you about your fertility. To schedule a consultation today, please click below and enter your information or call IVF1 at (630) 357-6540.

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