Vagifem? (estradiol vaginal tablets)

What is Vagifem? (estradiol vaginal tablets)?

Occasionally, during infertility treatments, we may tell you that the uterine lining is thin based on ultrasound measurements. There is some evidence, though it is far from conclusive, that a thin lining may be associated with a lower chance for pregnancy in that month. We may, therefore, recommend using estrogen supplementation to improve the thickness. Since vaginal medications have a much better effect than those administered elsewhere, we use VAGIFEM? (estradiol vaginal tablets) for this purpose. Estradiol, is the bio-identical hormone to that that produced by the ovaries during development of the egg.

How Do I Use Vagifem? (estradiol vaginal tablets)?

Tear off a single applicator.

Separate the plastic wrap
and remove the applicator from the
plastic wrap.
First select the best position for vaginal insertion of VAGIFEM? (estradiol vaginal tablets) that is most comfortable for you.
One method is to recline on your back
alt Another option is stand.
alt The applicator should be held so that the finger of one hand can press the applicator plunger. The other hand should be used to guide the applicator gently and comfortably through the vaginal opening.
If the tablet has come out of the applicator prior to insertion, do not attempt to replace it. Use a fresh tablet-filled applicator.
crinone The applicator should be inserted (without forcing) as far as comfortably possible, or until half of the applicator is inside your vagina, whichever is less.
Once the tablet-filled applicator has been inserted, gently press the plunger until a click is heard and the plunger is fully depressed. This will eject the tablet inside your vagina where it will dissolve slowly over several hours.

After depressing the plunger, gently remove the applicator and dispose of it the same way you
would a plastic tampon applicator. The applicator is of no further use and should be discarded properly.

In most cases, our patients will be using vagifem twice daily. Insertion should be done upon waking in the morning and again in the evening before bed.