Top Illinois Fertility Specialist Costs

For couples dealing with infertility, concern about the cost of treatment often goes hand-in-hand with the search for effective treatment. Below, we will take a look at what influences the cost of visiting top fertility specialists in Illinois.

Insurance Coverage and Limitations

Most insurance providers cover the cost of diagnostic appointments and procedures for infertility. This means that the cost of your initial appointment and any testing should be covered. In addition, in Illinois, most insurance providers are required to pay for fertility treatments, such as the use of oral fertility medications, injections and assisted reproductive treatments like IVF. There are exceptions, however and this means that some Illinois infertility couples must manage the cost of these expensive procedures out-of-pocket.

Cost of Procedures from Top Fertility Specialists in Illinois

The cost of treatment depends on the procedure used, what the physician charges, and whether or not there is a need to use additional procedures to boost the chances of success. In addition, the number of cycles performed has a big impact on the cost of treatment. Some couples go through more than one cycle of IVF before getting pregnant. Therefore, couples should also consider how many cycles they could afford to go through.

At IVF1, we charge $20 – 25,000 for an IVF cycle. This includes the cost of all procedures and medication. It also includes preimplantation genetic screening to ensure that the embryos appear to be healthy and developing normally before they are transferred. This step greatly increases success rates.

IVF1 offers some fertility programs for local soldiers and veterans. If you are an active duty service member or a veteran in Naperville, please inquire about our SoldierCryo and SoldierCare programs.

Managing the Cost of Treatment

Couples can use a variety of resources to manage the cost of treatment. Some may have enough in savings to pay for their treatment out-of-pocket. For others, it is preferable to spread the payments over a longer period of time. Many patients turn to patient financing companies to manage the cost of treatment. Depending on your preferences and financial situation, you may also consider resources such as health care credit cards, traditional credit cards, and bank loans.

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