3 Reasons You Should Consider Donating Eggs

The reason is not the financial compensation. Egg donors receive the appreciation of others who would never be able to become parents without their help. The grateful beneficiaries of egg donors are women who are unable to produce their own eggs to achieve pregnancy and childbirth. Because of an egg donor’s selfless efforts, these women are now new mothers. To recipient parents, the egg donation process was medically determined to be the only alternative method of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.

Without prospective egg donors, those suffering from infertility would not be able to conceive, birth, and raise children.

Reasons for Donating Eggs

Egg donation is a time consuming and physically intensive procedure. All egg donors give considerable time, effort, energy, and emotion for the intended recipient’s benefit. Through IVF1 Match, all donors are screen with care. The motive of the prospective donors are analyzed for appropriate motive.

Empathy and Compassion for Others

At IVF1 Match, egg donors are renowned for making their decision to donate their eggs based on strong feelings of empathy for others who cannot naturally conceive a child of their own. Couples seeking the help of an egg donor have been struggling to have a child for years and have expended a large amount of money in the process. The selfless efforts of a donor may be their final chance to have a baby.

Positive Impact on Society as a Whole

Egg donors have discovered newfound empowerment in benefiting society as a whole through the donation process. The entire process has a positive impact on the recipient parents, which carries over to society as a whole. Becoming an egg donor entails making a serious decision providing others with long lasting happiness.

Satisfaction and Pride in the Donation Process

By the time a couple realize they are unable to conceive a baby using the intended mother’s eggs – due to poor quality – they find themselves placing all of their hope in the hands of a giving person. This amazing life-giving process may be their final chance to have a child. Egg donors are actually changing the lives of an infertile couple forever by helping them have a baby. This is a very prideful accomplishment for every egg donor and is why some donors repeat the process for other couples.

Ideal Egg Donor

The ideal donor is a woman who is reliable and motivated to help women overcome their infertility. The ideal donor is between 18 and 25 years old with no serious medical conditions.

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