Precautions after hysterosonogram

In general, a hysterosonogram is an easy, quick procedure that is performed in the office. In most patients, the procedure takes less than five minutes. A woman may return to work or other normal activities immediately after having a hysterosonogram. She may drive to the appointment and may drive afterward.

After a hysterosonogram is performed, it is common to see some spotting or bleeding. It is o.k. to use pads or tampons. It is probably best to abstain from intercourse until the bleeding has stopped.

Pelvic / abdominal cramping is to be expected. You may take over the counter pain medications such as Tylenol, Motrin or Anaprox if needed. Pelvic pain not alleviated by these medications should be reported to the office immediately.

A fever is not normal. A fever may be an indication of an infection in the uterus or abdomen. Any temperature elevation should be reported to the office immediately.

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