Medical Information on Infertility Causes, Testing, and Procedures for IVF – Egg Donation, IUI Success. Learn about various aspects of the infertility process. From lifestyle changes to diagnostic testing to high tech treatments infertility clinics offer, such as in vitro fertilization and preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

IVF Pregnancy Advanced Infertility Treatments and Procedures

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Learn about IVF – in-vitro fertilization

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

PGD involves the testing of an embryo in the laboratory before it is returned to the uterus.

Egg Donation – Oocyte donation

Egg donation is when an in vitro fertilization cycle is performed using a third party to provide the eggs.

Embryo Donation

  • Donating or receiving embryos from another couple for the treatment of infertility.
  • Click here for information about making your frozen embryos available for donation.
  • Learn about achieving pregnancy through embryo donation.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Learn about Frozen Embryo Transfer

Surrogacy involves using a third party to provide the eggs and uterus for a pregnancy. Gestational carrier uses a third party to provide a uterus only.

IUI – Intrauterine Insemination

Insertion of sperm directly into the uterus to improve the chance for pregnancy.
Options for Fertility Preservation

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is available for women who want to preserve their fertility for the future.

Infertility Medications – Infertility Drugs

Instructions for administering fertility medications

  • Superovulation with Gonadotropins
    Using injectable fertility medications to increase the chance for pregnancy.
  • Clomid Clomiphene Serophene
    Using Clomid (also known as clomiphene or Serophene) to induce ovulation.
  • Treatment of Insulin Resistance
    Medications used for patients with PCOS and/or Insulin Resistance such as metformin, Actos and Avandia
  • Letrozole for Infertility Treatment
    Using letrozole (also known as Femara) to induce ovulation or for superovulation.
  • Causes of infertility


    What is infertility?

    Causes of Infertility

    What are the causes of infertility?

    Effect of Female Age on Fertility and Reproduction

    Learn about the effects of female aging on reproduction.

    Effect of Male Age on Fertility and Reproduction

    Learn about the effects of male aging on reproduction.

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

    Separating the myths from the facts
    A cause for not ovulating
    Certain parts of a woman’s diet may be causing problems with ovulation.

    Adenomyosis and Infertility

    Adenomyosis is a uterine condition that may be linked to infertility and miscarriage

    Endometriosis and IVF

    Endometriosis is associated with infertility but IVF may be a pretty good treatment to overcome it.

    Chlamydia and Infertility

    Learn about what impact infection with chlamydia can have on reproduction.

    Hydrosalpinx, Infertility and IVF

    Hydrosalpinx is a type of tubal blockage. Women with hydrosalpinx have a lower chance for pregnancy – even with IVF. Learn about hydrosalpinx and how to treat it here.

    Fibroids and Infertility

    Fibroids is a commonly found problem that can have an impact on infertility and miscarriage

    Obesity Effects on Fertility and Pregnancy

    Obesity has a significant negative impact on reproduction


    An explanation of miscarriage, causes of miscarriage and treatments


    The best means to determine the cause for miscarriage

    Fragile X Mutation

    Some women with ovarian insufficiency may have mutations in the gene that causes Fragile X syndrome

    Premature ovarian failure

    Premature ovarian failure, also known as POF or primary ovarian insufficiency is a serious cause of infertility.

    Mercury Levels in Seafood and Fertility

    Mercury has been associated with infertility, miscarriage and birth defects.

    Hypothyroidism, Infertility and Pregnancy

    Problems with the thyroid gland can lead to problems achieving and maintaining pregnancy.

    Prolactin and Infertility

    Prolactin can cause fertility problems.

    Lifestyle factors and fertility

    Alcohol, caffeine and tobacco have adverse effects.

    Fertility: Fact and Fiction

    Have you heard something about fertility and you are not sure if its true? Get the real scoop.

     Male fertility and infertility


    Male reproduction

    The basics about the male reproductive anatomy and  sperm production

    Varicocele and Male Fertility and Infertility

    Is varicocele associated with infertility? Are varicocele treatments effective?

    Obstructive Azoospermia

    The absence of sperm due to obstruction in the sperm delivery system.

    Some prescription medications can cause fertility problems for men 


    Effect of Male Age on Fertility and Reproduction

    Learn about the effects of male aging on reproduction.


    Cell phone use and male fertility

    Some evidence suggests that cell phone use by men may interfere with fertility 


    Diagnosis of infertility

    Ovulation Predictor Kits

    Explanation of the different types of ovulation predictor kits.

    Cervical mucus and the Myth of the Post coital test

    Explanation of cervical mucus impact on fertility and why post coital tests are no longer used.

    Some couples with infertility or recurrent miscarriage may have chromosome abnormalities that cause or worsen their problems.

    Pregnancy outcomes after infertility

    Ectopic pregnancy 
    A pregnancy can sometimes implant outside the uterus

    Multiple pregnancy
    Multiple pregnancy is the greates risk associated with fertility treatment

    Prematurity is one of the biggest risks of a multiple pregnancy
    A popular medication for the treatment of women with PCOS and insulin resistance
    Additional infertility information

    Increased risks of pregnancy in infertile couples

    Several studies suggest that couples who conceive after having infertility face greater complication in pregnancy – even without fertility treatment.

    Stress and Infertility

    Everyone has told you to "just relax" – stress causes infertility – but does it?

    Timing Intercourse for Pregnancy

    There is more flexibility than you think.

    Vaginal lubricants and fertility

    Vaginal dryness is common in couples with infertility. Some lubricants may have adverse effects on sperm.

    Pregnancy and Airline Travel

    Recommendations from American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Acupuncture in infertility

    Learn the possible effects of acupuncture on infertility treatment

    Acupuncture in IVF

    Learn the possible effects of acupuncture on IVF

    Listeria infection in pregnancy

    Pregnant women should take steps to avoid infection with Listeria

    Diet and gender selection

    Women may be able to influence the gender of their baby by altering what she eats before pregnancy

    Links to other infertility resources

    Links to additional information on infertility such as sperm banks, pharmacies and more.