A Great Opportunity to get Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment

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At IVF1, our insurance professionals are experts in infertility and IVF insurance coverage. Become a patient now and we will help you find the coverage you need for treatment.

Do you lack insurance coverage for infertility treatment?

Although Illinois mandates employers to cover infertility testing and treatment, there are a number of employers who are exempt. This includes employers who:
  • Have less than 25 employees
  • Are self-insured* (most large corporations)
  • Religiously affiliated
  • Policy is written outside the state of Illinois
*Self insured means that the employer pays any benefits themselves. The insurance company just helps process the paperwork.

Do you not have any alternatives to get insurance coverage for infertility treatment?

In the past, if this was the situation with your employer, the only alternative you had was to beg, change jobs or try to sue your employer for coverage under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

No problem!

With the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), however, people finally have a way to get insurance coverage WITHOUT having to go through your employer. There are numerous policies available through the Illinois Healthcare Exchanges that have coverage for infertility including IVF!
We can now verify that we have hundreds of couples who purchased policies through the Illinois Marketplace in 2014-2016 who had coverage for fertility treatment including IVF.
Click here to go to the Illinois Healthcare Exchange  website
 See our tutorial to make sure the policy you purchase will cover infertility and IVF

Do you have more questions?

Resolve – The National Infertility Association, has an advocacy arm. they have webpage entitled The Affordable Care Act and Infertility which may have answers to many of your questions.