Which Illinois Fertility Clinic Has the Highest IUI Success Rates?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is one of the most affordable and effective fertility treatments available, capable of addressing a wide range of fertility concerns. For example, it is one of the most widely used fertility treatments, and is often the first course of treatment for infertile couples. If you are considering IUI, understanding the factors that affect success rates and choosing a clinic with the highest IUI success rates can help you have the best treatment experience possible.

How IUI Works

During IUI, washed, concentrated sperm is injected directly into the cervical canal. The procedure increases the chances of pregnancy by ensuring that the sperm enters the uterus, and by ensuring that enough high-quality sperm are injected into the uterus.

During most IUI cycles, the woman takes a fertility medication such as Clomid or Femara to encourage ovulation. In rare cases, she may take doses of injectable fertility hormones to further ensure that ovulation occurs; however, injectable hormones are most frequently used in conjunction with IVF.

Factors Affecting Success Rates

IUI is effective for many patients, while also being very affordable, making it one of the best treatment choices available. However, some factors can raise or lower the success rates for this procedure. The fertility clinics with the highest IUI success rates maintain their rates by choosing patients who are good candidates for IUI for that procedure, while recommending that patients who would not benefit from IUI turn to other procedures.

Some of the biggest factors that influence the success of IUI include:

  • The patient’s condition – Patients with multiple fertility problems, or a history of infertility that did not respond to treatment, are less likely to respond to IUI. Such patients may be better candidates for more intensive procedures.
  • Using the right medication – Studies show that Femara is more likely to produce ovulation and pregnancy in women with PCOS than Clomid, and may be more appropriate in this and other situations.
  • Use of donor sperm – If the cause of infertility is problems with the male partner’s sperm, the use of donor sperm can circumvent the issue.

Illinois Clinic with Highest IUI Success Rates

IVF1, an Illinois fertility clinic headed by Dr. Randy Morris, has some of the highest IUI success rates in the area. Dr. Morris is dedicated to helping patients choose a fertility treatment that is most likely to be effective given their condition. Dr. Melnick incorporates cutting-edge medication and treatment protocols whenever possible. He understands that working with patients to develop an individualized treatment plan has the best outcomes for patients.

If you are interested in IUI, Dr. Randy Morris would be happy to hear from you. To schedule your consultation today, please click below and enter your information or call IVF1 at (630) 357-6540.

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