How Effective Are Frozen Embryo Transfers?

Amazingly – Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET) – have comparable pregnancy success rates to those embryos transferred after a fresh IVF cycle. However, only quality embryos should be cryopreserved for future FETs to increase chances of pregnancy. It has been proven that FETs do not decrease successful pregnancy rates when quality embryos are selected to be frozen.

Frozen Embryo Transfers

Dr. Randy S. Morris – founder and medical director of IVF1 – is very strict about the quality of embryos he chooses to be frozen for subsequent FETs. Embryo quality has a profound effect on the chances of implantation and sustaining of a successful pregnancy.

Dr. Morris has studied and contrasted several medical studies comparing the rate of pregnancy between fresh and frozen embryos. The Doctor has concluded that after a woman’s eggs have been retrieved and fertilized in vitro, several quality embryos will likely develop. However, to avoid multiple pregnancy, only one or two fresh quality embryos will be transferred into her uterus. The leftover quality embryos will be cryopreserved via vitrification for future frozen embryo transfers.

FET Compared to Natural Conception Pregnancy Rates

FETs have been found to be more comparable to natural conception pregnancies than are fresh embryo transfer. This is because the FET procedure occurs after the woman’s hormone levels have had time to return to normal after her fresh IVF cycle. Versus – the transfer of a fresh embryo after the woman’s body has undergone a regimen of fertility medications.

  • Increased implantation rates
  • Increased ongoing pregnancy rates
  • Increased live birth rates
  • Decreased miscarriage rates
  • Lowered risk of pre-term labor
  • Healthier babies

Celebrated Frozen Embryo Transfer Fertility Doctor

Since 1992, Dr. Randy S. Morris – founder and Medical Director of IVF1 – has successfully provided his patients with frozen embryo transfers subsequent to fresh IVF cycles.

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