At Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, many believe Dr. Morris to be the in vitro fertilization – IVF and infertility program of choice.

Edward Hospital is a 300+ bed private hospital located just south of downtown Naperville. Dr. Morris has been on staff at Edward Hospital providing infertility and IVF services for more than 10 years. Besides being an excellent hospital in its own right, Edward Hospital was lucky to be at the center of the DuPage County population explosion and has benefited tremendously from the growth of Naperville as an affluent community.

Dr. Morris is the ONLY board certified reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist) in solo practice on staff at Edward Hospital. He enjoys an excellent relationship with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Edward Hospital and receives referrals for infertility care from the majority of the physicians there.

The best recommendation however comes from the Edward Hospital staff itself. Dr. Morris is very proud to be a provider of infertility services to Edward Hospital physicians, nurses and staff! Who is in a better position to know the excellent doctors than the staff who works there?

Edward Hospital is the location where Dr. Morris performs most of his inpatient surgical procedures. Outpatient procedures are done primarily at The Center for Surgery also located in Naperville.