CryoFertility ™

CryoFertility ™ is the fertility preservation program at IVF1 specifically for cancer patients and others specific patients at risk. Women who must undergo treatment for cancer and certain other diseases face a special risk to their fertility. Chemotherapy, a term used to describe medications used to treat cancer and some other diseases, can damage or destroy the eggs remaining in a woman’s ovaries. Since women stop producing eggs before they are born, any eggs that are destroyed cannot be replaced. Chemotherapy can compromise a woman’s ovarian reserve and in some cases cause complete ovarian failure, sometimes referred to as premature ovarian failure or premature menopause.

Women who experience ovarian failure as a result of chemotherapy may not ever be able to become pregnant and have children. Fortunately, technology is available to preserve a woman’s fertility by removing and freezing her eggs. Egg freezing is also known as oocyte freezing.


CryoFertility ™ Program Purpose

The purpose of the CryoFertility ™ Program is to enable women who are facing the possibility of ovarian failure due to cancer or other disease treatment to undergo an attempt at egg freezing prior to undergoing chemotherapy. While we cannot eliminate all possible costs associated with this process, it is our intention to do this for patients without creating a financial burden.

Several years ago, Dr. Morris and a group of Illinois fertility physicians participated in an initiative to pass legislation that would cover fertility preservation. In August, 2018, the governor signed House Bill 2617 which requires insurers to provide coverage for certain fertility preservation procedures. Only includes “standard” procedures for “medically necessary” procedures to prevent “iatrogenic infertility.”

CryoFertility ™ Program Benefits

  • No charge for initial consultation with a physician or nurse practitioner
  • No charge for testing that is performed by the IVF1 laboratory (such as hormone blood tests and ultrasounds)
  • No charges from IVF1 for completing an egg freezing cycle
  • No charge for egg freezing
  • No charge for storage of frozen eggs for one year
  • We will attempt to obtain free fertility medications for patients through various outside programs

What is not covered?

  • The costs to obtain fertility medications (however, we will help find sources of free or discounted medications
  • Anesthesia of egg retrieval (estimated 500 dollars)
  • Any testing that must be performed outside of the IVF1 laboratory

Who is eligible?

  • Women who are permanent residents of Naperville, Illinois who
    • are interested in preserving their fertility
    • have been diagnosed with cancer or other serious medical problem requiring treatment that will jeopardize fertility and
    • have been prescribed a regimen of chemotherapy that has been shown to cause ovarian failure
    • do not have insurance coverage for fertility preservation / egg freezing