All IVF1 patients should visit the patient portal to view the most updated information on the resumption of diagnostic testing and treatment.

Instructions if you are coming to the office

Do not bring anybody to your appointment. This includes husbands, other partners, other family members, children or friends.

IVF1 Virtual Waiting Room

Prior to your appointment, you will receive a text message with a link for our Virtual Waiting Room. Once you arrive in the parking lot, click the link to check in. We will notify you when you may enter the building. Please wait in your car until we notify you!

Maintain spacing

If someone is in the vestibule when you are trying to enter or leave the building, please wait for them to pass.

Please enter and exit ONE AT A TIME.

Upon arrival in the office, use the bathroom on the first floor to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Homemade masks

All patients coming to the office must cover their mouth and nose with a mask for the entire time they are in the building. We have a limited supply of homemade masks for patients with appointments in the office. They are available for a nominal charge (to reimburse our sewing team for supplies). Please notify us if you need a mask.

If you are going up to the second floor, please do not get on the elevator if someone is already inside. Only 1 person in the elevator a time!

Potentially sick or exposed patients

This applies to any patients or family members who have

— Fever

— Cough / Short of breath

— Flu -like Symptoms


— Have had contact with a person diagnosed with Covid-19

— Have been put on isolation or quarantine

— Have been tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus for any reason and are waiting for result

If you meet any of the above criteria: Do NOT come to the office. Please contact us before coming in for instructions!

Pregnancy complications

Patients who are pregnant and experiencing problems or complications (like vaginal bleeding) should still call our office to determine if evaluation (blood testing, ultrasound) is necessary.

Urgent or emergent procedures and surgeries are still being performed.

Information and FAQs about Covid-19 and infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy complications can be found here.

Surgery patients

All patients who are having a surgical procedure with anesthesia (including egg retrievals) will be tested in our office for SARS-CoV-2. Patients who test positive will have their procedure cancelled.

Office consultations

To avoid the need for coming into our offices, all consultations will be done via phone or video consultation. This policy will be in effect until further notice.

Infertility video consult
Infertility video consult

You may notice that our waiting rooms look a little crazy right now. We have done our best to spread out the seating. On more crowded days, patients may be asked to wait in individual rooms around the office.

Thank you for your cooperation

IVF1 / Naperville Fertility Center

This policy was reviewed and updated May 8th, 2020