IVF1 Computer Assisted Semen Analysis

Computer assisted semen analysis
Computer assisted semen analysis

Men, your doctor (or your partner’s gynecologist) has recommended that you have a semen analysis. We know that this is something you are not looking forward to. Do it right the first time.

IVF1 is the leading center for infertility testing and treatment in the Chicago area. We perform semen analyses for hospitals, medical groups and our own patients from all around the Chicago area.

What is a computer assisted A semen analysis is an examination of the semen under a microscope. The microscope has a video camera attached which sends the images to a computer. The computer software will obtain several measurements that are of interest to your doctor.

Sperm concentration – the number of sperm in the ejaculate
Motility – the percentage of sperm that are moving and the characteristics of movement (How fast? How straight?)
Morphology – the percentage of sperm that have a normal appearance (size and shape) under the microscope

How is the semen analysis performed?

An appointment will be scheduled for you to collect a semen specimen in one of our offices. IVF1 has a quiet comfortable private room to collect the semen specimen. The ejaculate is collected into a cup which you will give to a staff member. After that you can leave! We will process the specimen and then complete the analysis.

Is it okay to bring my partner to help me collect the specimen?

Absolutely. We know this can be a difficult process for you. Your partner is welcome to help you out if you like.

Why should I do this test at IVF1?

We make it easier for you! We have heard many horror stories about guys who were sent to the local hospital and sent to a public bathroom to collect the specimen. Hospitals are for sick people! At IVF1, you will be treated with discretion and can collect the specimen in a clean, private room.
Superior results Many programs try to perform a semen analysis manually. Since there are so many sperm which are constantly moving, it is very difficult for a technician to get an accurate sperm count. A computer can do it accurately every time in a fraction of a second. Furthermore, the computer can calculate several indexes of sperm movement that are impossible to do manually.
Semen analysis: Concentration and motility
Semen analysis: Concentration and motility
Finally, the computer can take precise measurements of the sperm to determine if the size and shape (morphology) is normal.
Sperm morphology
Sperm morphology
Once the procedure is completed, we will send a detailed report to your doctor. You can see your results by logging into your account on our Patient Portal.
Semen analysis motility report
Semen analysis motility report
Follow up at the best fertility center around  IVF1 is one of the top fertility centers in the country. If needed, you and your partner can follow up with an infertility consultation or have further testing performed on your partner. We excel at helping couples have babies.

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